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13 Signs You're a Homebody

13 Signs You’re a Homebody

As Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” once famously proclaimed: “There’s no place like home!” Isn’t that the truth? After a long week, the team here at TLC Properties agrees: There’s simply nothing better than having zero plans for the weekend and a cozy apartment all to yourself. And while your friends might chastise you for sending their calls to voicemail while you Netflix-binge on true crime documentaries, did you know that there are actually several benefits to being a self-professed homebody? Stay-at-home fiens can enjoy:
  1. More money savings. Not going out equates to less money spent on entertainment, dining, gas money, parking, and shopping. The savings from spending just one weekend at home can really add up!
  1. Improved health. Most people who prefer to spend time at home also tend to cook more, which is not only good for your bank account, but for your health as well.
  1. A reduced carbon footprint. Homebodies can actually improve the environment from the comfort of their couch. Driving a car or hailing an Uber all exert energy that affects the environment. By eliminating extra commutes, there are fewer carbon emissions going into the atmosphere.
  1. Increased energy. Allowing for regular “quiet time” is important for everyone, but especially for those who identify as introverts. Unlike extroverts, introverts gain energy from internal forces versus external interactions.
Being a homebody is nothing to be ashamed of; in fact, it’s reason to celebrate. So, go ahead — flaunt your introverted ways and toast to yourself, because staying at home is where it’s at! Just how much of a true couch potato are you, though? Read on for 13 surefire signs that you’re a solid homebody.

You’ve left a permanent imprint in your couch cushions (and they’re not Memory Foam). 

14 hours spent on the couch? Normal. Completely normal. 

You’re on a first name basis with the pizza delivery guy.

He even knows your order before you do.

In fact, you two are now BFFs.

When you spend so much time together, a friendship naturally occurs. Your shared love for pizza doesn’t hurt either.

On Friday nights, while your friends are out doing this:

Clubbing? Crowds? Noise? No thanks. can be found doing this:  

Blanket + Couch + Aged cheddar = Bliss.

Netflix has never asked, “Are you still watching?” It already knows that you are.  

You’ve heard of Netflix posing this question to others, but because your weekend binge marathons are so consistently frequent, you must have broken the algorithm. High five!

On the rare occasion you do decide to leave your apartment, you can’t help but daydream about being back home. 

As soon as you lock the apartment door behind you, you’re counting down the minutes until you can return.

You’re a pro at making excuses to not leave your apartment.  

“Umm…yeah...sorry, I can’t make it. It’s my cat’s birthday today.”

Spending an entire weekend in bed is not a foreign concept to you.  

Falling asleep on a Friday night and not waking up again until Monday morning? Sorry...not sorry.

Reading books at home > Everything else.

Reading a book is like a really quiet party for your mind!

You’re constantly reassuring your friends and family that you do in fact, still exist. 

While you appreciate the concern, sometimes you just need to unplug.

You prefer to live vicariously through your friends’ social media feeds. From the comfort of your apartment. 

It’s basically like being at the party, but without leaving the couch. And without all those people. Perfect.

Because, let’s face it: There’s no place like home.

Home is where the heart is (as well as your comfy pants).

Homeward Bound!

Home is where you can truly and comfortably be yourself, and there’s no better feeling than that. How many of these homebody signs did you relate to? Tell us about your favorite homebody activity (or non-activity) in the comments section below! Then, share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter so they understand why you won’t be leaving your apartment this weekend.