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Renting the first time or fifteenth 6 things to ask the landlord

Apartment shopping can be very stressful and sometimes no fun, but when you finally find that perfect apartment, there are a few important questions to ask your apartment manager before moving in.

  1. Is there a deposit? Some apartment complexes require a deposit, which is a one-time fee that can be put aside for wear and tear to the apartment while a tenant lives there. Other apartment complexes require an administrative fee that is non-refundable. It is important to inquire what the apartment complex requires when you are going through the application process.

  2. Can I have pets? Your pup or furry companion is your baby, admit it. An important question to ask your landlord before signing the lease is whether or not your furbaby can stay with you. Many apartments have a pet policy listed on their website. If the pet policy gives you a green light, ask if there is a pet deposit required.

  3. Are holes allowed? That beautiful painting you found at Pier One is a little heavy for command strips. Something to always ask before buying art and other hanging items for your apartment, is can you put tacks or nails into the wall. Your landlord will always know the answer to the cans and cannots of putting items up on the wall.

  4. Is there security on the premises? You just got a new car, new bike, or a stalker. Either way, the comfort of knowing a security guard is patrolling the grounds can give you relief. Inquire with apartment management if it has security and if they have specific hours they patrol the grounds.

  5. How much parking space do I get? You live with your significant other in a one bedroom apartment and have two vehicles. A question you need to address before moving in may be how many parking spaces does each apartment receive? If you only get one per bedroom, you may need to see if there are special circumstances you can work out with the landlord.

  6. Can I paint? Some people like to make the most of the space they are living in. Be sure to ask your landlord, before you move in, if you are allowed to paint the walls in your apartment. There are plenty of inventive ways to bring color to your apartment without paint.