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TLC Offers Assistance To Residents Affected by COVID19

Springfield, Missouri - In effort to reduce the financial impact on its residents, TLC Properties is working directly with residents experiencing loss of income due to the coronavirus crisis. 

TLC Properties began proactively reaching out to its resident as early as March 23, informing them that the company would work with them during this crisis.  

With rent due on April 1, TLC’s operations team reached out again to ensure that residents were aware of the company’s decision to waive late fees and offer payment arrangements for those financially affected by the virus. Since the first communication on March 23, TLC reports that 28 residents have requested payment plans, and of over 7,000 residents, 233 have taken advantage of waived late fees.  

All TLC Properties residents who have experienced a job loss or substantial loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are unable to pay rent are encouraged to contact their property managers to discuss available options.   

“We’re just starting to see the economic impacts of COVID-19 on our residents in Springfield, Missouri,” said President Sam M. Coryell. “Ideally, the emergency ordinances enacted by the government will provide relief to those most vulnerable during this difficult time, but in the meantime, we are doing our part to ease added stress for our residents.” 

TLC Properties have ceased evictions from rental apartments and townhomes throughout the month of April and will continue to monitor the financial impact of the crisis within its communities.  

“Keeping individuals and families in their current housing is our top priority,” said Jenna Miller, Director of Operations. “We are doing everything within our power to ensure the stability and wellbeing of our residents.” 

TLC Properties encourages its residents to help to flatten the curve by adhering to the stay-at-home order and calling with any concerns. Those who aren’t significantly financially impacted are encouraged to pay rent through digital means by using its ResidentPortal app or pay with echeck, money order or Credit Card.  

For those who are seeking housing during this crisis, TLC Properties has several apartments available and are offering virtual tours. 

TLC Properties has provided award-winning asset services to Springfield, Missouri, and the surrounding region for over 30 years and currently provides services to 28 apartment communities, housing more than 7,000 residents.   

For more information about TLC Properties, contact Marketing Director, Angela Frizell at (417) 983-6493.