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New Ways to Tour Your Next Apartment

2020 has given us the opportunity to not only be innovative and adaptive but also to create different touring options for anyone.   

TLC Properties offers three ways to tour your apartment:Self Guided, Staff-guided, and Virtual


Virtual Tours—See your home from your phone

Technology allows us to connect in so many ways! During quarantine, we adapted Facetime and video touring options to ensure that people interested in finding a new apartment were still able to see our floorplans while remaining in their homes!


Self-Guided Tours—Explore on your time

Now, we offer even more options including self-guided/contactless toursSelf-guided tours allow you to tour an apartment without a leasing agent or property manager present.

you need to do is set up an appointment and the staff will clean and prepare the unit ahead of time. You can then tour at your leisure, and when you’re finished, the staff will clean and sanitize the rooms in preparation for the next guest.  

We haven’t forgotten about good old fashioned, in-person tours

There’s a lot to say for a good old-fashioned, in-person tour. However, we have modified the process to ensure there is respect for social distancing.

If you’re interested in touring the traditional way, you can schedule a tour like normal will be guided by a leasing agent or property manager around the propertyYou can ask questions on the spot and get all the details about the apartment as new questions arise.

Masks and hand-sanitizer
 are available and apartments, door handles, handrails, and public access areas are all carefully disinfected before and after touring. 

Your health and safety are always the priority

Let us know what apartments you have in mind. For questions easily answered over the phone, a virtual option may be best. If you would like the get a feel for the spacechoose self-guided or traditional tour-guided option 

We are here for YOU!

These options exist for your safety and convenience. We understand there are always different needs and concerns. We want to offer the best services that anyone can feel comfortable with. 

Don’t let anything hold you back from finding the apartment of your dreams!

Schedule a tour with us today!